Anchors and fastening systems

Anchors and fastening systems

All of our anchors and fastening systems have been subjected to stringent development and testing programmes. We only provide you with high-performance solutions that are fully compliant with all relevant building codes and backed by comprehensive technical documentation and design software.

Mechanical anchors: quality and reliability assured

Construction professionals need dependable options for mechanical anchors. Precisely why we’ve developed an extensive selection of expansion bolts, concrete screws and expansion sockets. These provide an ideal and reliable fastening solution for everything from fixed steelwork supports and high load construction to demountable fixtures.

Adhesive anchors: solutions for every application

The performance of our adhesive anchors means the resulting bond between stud and resin is frequently stronger than the base material itself. Use them for high load applications when lasting stress-free fixing into brickwork, blockwork and concrete is required. Low expansion and splitting forces when the anchors are prestressed or loaded make them ideal for small edge distances and spacings.

Pure epoxy anchors

- High thermal and high mechanical loading properties
- Approved for use in both cracked and uncracked concrete
- Suited to wet conditions/water-filled holes
- Suitable for diamond drilled holes
- Outstanding resistance to chemicals

Vinylester anchors

- Good thermal and high mechanical loading properties
- High adhesive resistance, especially in alkaline conditions
- Suited to wet conditions/water-filled holes
- Approved for a wide range of base materials
- Styrene free vinylester anchor
- Faster curing times

Polyester anchors

- Quick curing
- Suited to a wide range of base materials
- Cost-effective solution
- Low odour formulation (PV45)

Light-duty anchors: fasteners for every task

Designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as our heavy duty and adhesive anchors range, our light-duty fasteners provide quick fixing solutions for a wide variety of substrates. All products in the range are tested for suitability with pull out testing where appropriate.

The range features hammer-in anchors for quick fastening along with drywall and wall anchors that self-drill into the material with minimal damage to the substrate and that spread the load to prevent pullout. Anchors including screw anchors, plugs and plastic wall anchors for general fixing applications are also available

Direct fastening: Power with control

Our gas cordless and battery cordless fastening systems include nailers, accessories and fasteners that can drive into the hardest materials. Easy to use the tools are designed to get the job done quickly and professionally and are ideal for timber to concrete, steel to steel or steel to concrete applications.