Discontinued DW0250-XJ
Stud Sensor DW0250 with Durable Over Moulding
Discontinued DW0250-XJ

Stud Sensor DW0250 with Durable Over Moulding

  • Auto calibration helps to avoid missed studs due to incorrect initial calibration
  • Detects wood, metal and AC
  • Detects wood studs up to 25mm in depth and metal studs up to 38mm in depth

Additional Features


  • Ideal for locating studs to enable tasks such as TV mounting, hanging pictures and shelves
  • Detect and avoid live AC voltage for safe drilling in walls
  • Detect and avoid metal pipes for safe drilling in walls
  • Centre finder and centre marker for accurate centre wood and metal stud locating and marking every time
  • Detects the presence of AC live wire within a 6-18” /15-45cm radius and up to 50mm depth
  • Slim design allows for the stud sensor to be easily stored away or carried in a pocket
  • Single button for simple operation
  • Audible alert for clear notification of stud and live wire location
  • LED rings help to visually indicate studs
  • Angle tolerance reduces error when used at an angle


  • (2) Batteries (AAA)


Detects Stud Centers
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