Carbide Reciprocating (102mm) Metal 8 TPI (1 PK)

Carbide Reciprocating (102mm) Metal 8 TPI (1 PK)

  • Carbide Teeth for increase durability, speed and life
  • Carbide Recip Blades for Metal applications are ideal for cutting through a wide range of metals including steel pipe, cast iron and stainless steel
  • Tall, thick blade profile designed to increase durability and minimizes blade breaks

Additional Features


  • High performance Carbide Tips are welded to increase Durability and prevent Tooth loss
  • Tall blade profile delivers straight cuts and long life in demanding applications
  • Titanium coating makes teeth more wear-resistant so they stay sharp for quicker cuts.
  • Larger Gullets (compared to Bi-Metal Blades) remove material more quickly decreasing cutting time.


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