DM-PRO M16 Drop-In Setting Tool (1 Pk)

DM-PRO M16 Drop-In Setting Tool (1 Pk)

  • Internally threaded expansion anchor
  • Easy to install anchor with ETA Option 7 approval for uncracked concrete and part 6 approval for cracked concrete
  • Fire resistance approval*
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Product Overview

DM-PRO drop-in anchor is a cost-effective solution for mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations. Installation is quick and straightforward with a hand driven setting tool. They can be used in a wide range of concrete strengths and in all installation directions.

Additional Features

  • DM-PRO® (version without lip) is designed for invisible coverage with mortar after use
  • *M8 - M12 only



  • No Limited Warranty

Unfortunately, this specific product is not eligible for any warranty. Whilst this product is not eligible, further information about our warranties can be located below.

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