PURE 150-PRO® PURE EPOXY (385 ml)

PURE 150-PRO® PURE EPOXY (385 ml)

  • Long 24 month shelf life*
  • Low odour level (Low VOC)
  • Highly visible red colouration for easy on-site inspection
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The Pure150-PRO® is a two-component 3:1 ratio structural epoxy adhesive injection system. High strength adhesive designed for bonding threaded rod, internal threaded sleeve or reinforcement bars into cracked and un-cracked concrete and other solid base materials. Consistent performance in un-cracked and cracked concrete of variable strength.͍The design of the Pure150-PRO® cartridge eliminates the leakage and dispensing problems often found with other systems. Configured with two parallel chambers containing the Component-A base resin and the Component-B hardener. During dispensing the epoxy is pressurised as it passes through a unique tapered nozzle containing a series of static mixing elements. As the epoxy components are pumped through the nozzle, they are progressively divided and recombined by the mixing elements to provide an easy, smooth flow, with a perfect mix ratio.

Additional Features

  • Long gel/working time
  • Non-sag ideal for overhead application
  • Excellent performance in hammer and diamond core drilled holes


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