1 x AC100-PRO NORDIC - 410ml Cartridge

1 x AC100-PRO NORDIC - 410ml Cartridge

  • Formulation specifically designed for use in extreme cold, down to -20˚C
  • Stays easy to dispense even at low temparatures
  • Suitable for water filled drill holes and overhead applications
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The AC100-PRO is a two-component vinylester adhesive anchor and is approved for almost all applications and base materials.͍It provides consistent performance in uncracked and cracked concrete with a wide range of hole diameters and embedment depths as well as flexible fixture thicknesses and a simple͍installation process.͍The AC100-PRO is approved for a temperature range of up to 120°C and can even be used in water filled holes. It also provides a fast curing time and high load capacity making it the ideal adhesive anchor for use on-site.

Additional Features

  • Ideal for threaded rods
  • Includes mixing nozzle




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